Friday Five: 6 Of The Best Dance Music Documentaries

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Friday Five
Last updated 13 March, 2020


With pretty much all concerts, gigs, gatherings, festivals, sports events and the rest temporarily suspended in our collective attempt to thwart COVID-19, it’s a good time to catch up on some home-based activities… so in this week’s Friday Five roundup of interesting articles from around the web, we lead with an article from Mixmag gathering together six dance music documentaries it thinks you should see.

  1. 6 Of The Best Dance Music Documentaries To Watch On Netflix – With everything closing down temporarily kinda everywhere, makes sense to catch up on some sofa-based education… via Mixmag Read more
  2. Recording From Home? 4 Ways To Upgrade your Set-Up – Whether you’re constructing a home studio, a podcast, a live mixshow, or whatever – here are easy ways to upgrade your set-up, from Music Think Tank Read more
  3. Mixing vs Mastering: The 4 Main Differences – LANDR explains why these two important processes in the creation of your own music are different. Read more
  4. Imposter Syndrome In The Music Industry Is Rife …but it’s not impossible to overcome, says Mixmag Read more
  5. Record Store Day 2020 Postponed Due to Coronavirus Concerns – “There is no perfect solution. There is no easy answer. So, we’ve decided that, this year, our best possible move is to change the date,” organisers say. Via Rolling Stone Read more

See you after the weekend… Stay safe people!

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