KRK Announces New V Series 4 Powered Monitors

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
krk powered monitors Pro S4 V4 V6 V8
Last updated 6 April, 2018


The new KRK V series 4 speakers come in 4, 6 and 8″ woofer varieties; these are the 4s.

Coming in V4, V6 and V8 guises to suit different studio sizes, KRK’s S4 series has recently been announced, offering a new take on studio speakers from the company most famous among DJs for its budget Rokit range. While more aimed at buyers of KRK’s VXT range, the S4 models still keeps the Rokit styling so beloved of DJs.

Inside, though, they’re a step up from Rokits, with MDF/aluminium build for better isolation, and some pretty impressive specs. We were particularly drawn to the “fine tuneability” of this trio of powered monitors (see pic below) – that’s an awful lot of user settings for those looking to tweak the sound to precisely match their speakers’ positions and the room the user is in. We’ll review as soon as we can.

The engineers say they’ve tested these speakers in hundreds of situations to make sure they sound good our of the box, but you still have loads of adjustments you can make yourself to fine tune them.

• Find out more and buy here: KRK V4 S4s (US$399 each), KRK V6 S4 (US$599 each), KRK V8 S4 (US$799 each)

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