Podcast #8: Ministry Of Sound Chairman Lohan Presencer Shares His Journey

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 15 April, 2019

When he left university, Lohan Presencer didn’t want to join the world of work. He didn’t really want to grow up and leave the student life at all. So he applied for a job in the very university he’d been studying at, as their entertainment booker.

So started an incredible and unlikely journey that took Lohan through promoting raves on the south coast of England, to plugging (often decidedly average) music in his first job in the record industry… to his current position heading up Ministry of Sound, one of the most famous club brand in the world.

In this, the latest episode of our “Tales From The Dancefloor” podcast, Lohan shares some of his biggest successes, talks about the difference between good DJs and bad ones… and explains why he’s now so excited to share with the next generation of music entrepreneurs some of the lessons he learned on his own way to the top.

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