One DJ Start Offers Unique Workflow At A Lower Price

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 5 August, 2017

One DJ Start
A new edition of One DJ has been released, and comes at a lower price point than the flagship version while retaining its timeline performance functions.

A lower-cost edition of DJ software One DJ has just been released, called One DJ Start. More feature-packed than the Free Edition but without the full bells and whistles of the flagship, One DJ Start includes everything you need to mix in the app’s unique timeline-based environment with the exception of saving and exporting.

There has maybe been a little hesitation among DJs to adopt One DJ because it presents a new way of thinking about DJing, making it more of a “DAW for DJs”. Its timeline feature lets you edit and chop up tracks on the fly, giving you creative freedom that’s usually the realm of the studio producer instead of a DJ behind the decks rocking a crowd. Maybe it’s partly because DJ/producers who do this sort of thing already have a DAW of choice where they edit (eg Ableton Live, Logic), so while fusing both worlds sounds like a convenient idea, it’s not enough of a reason to switch for most.

Still, we think The One is a clever streamlining of what goes on in the studio merged with what a DJ does in the booth, and this is a powerful and reasonably priced edition of it.

• One DJ Start is available now for US$25 at the One DJ website.

Have you tried using One DJ? If not, does this price-cut version make you want to have a go at it? Tell us your thoughts below.

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