Over To You: How Can I Convince My Dad To Let Me Buy A Controller?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 7 November, 2017

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The Pioneer DDJ-SX is a lovely controller, but is our reader’s dad right to exercise caution over it being the first purchase for a young teenager?

A young Digital DJ Tips reader Alex writes: “I’m a passionate guy when it comes to EDM, and I am starting (or at least trying) to get into the business, I have DJed before, with many controllers and at various stores, and I now want to get one.”

“My choice so far after months of searching and comparing, is the Pioneer DDJ-SX, but the problem is, as I am an underage teen, I cannot use a credit card freely. I have tried to convince my father that this is worth it (btw I am paying for the controller, he is just lending me his credit card to order it) but he just won’t support me. He says buying this ‘thing’ is a waste of time and money.

“Please, how can I convince him that I am capable of doing this, how can I make him support me and give me the help I need in this start? He has seen me play in stores and he has seen me ‘messing around’ with my laptop. I presented him with a piece of work I did on Logic Pro X, I made a remake of Zedd’s ‘Find You’, and I thought that would be enough for him to believe that I am capable of doing this. He said he liked it, but it dind’t convince him about the controller. How can I make him support me?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

Without knowing you and your dad, I can’t give you the “right” piece of advice, but I can give you some thoughts.

When people don’t understand something, they are naturally hesitant towards it. There’s probably not much you can do about that (it’s a generational thing!), but the DDJ-SX is an expensive piece of gear, and that also may be what’s holding him back. It’s is possible to learn to DJ and play out on cheaper gear, for instance the excellent Denon MC2000 if you want Serato, so why not go for something cheaper, get paid for doing your first event, and then show your dad that your new hobby can actually make you money? That may well be a big thing in your favour!

He’s only trying to look out for your best interests, so I definitely don’t recommend trying to do this without his blessing – your job is to get him onside. So to that end, I want to throw this one over to the readers.

So – have you been in Alex’s shoes? What did you do? Or, are you a parent who can understand his dad’s viewpoint? What would he have to do to convince YOU that he’s serious about this? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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