Pioneer DJ Controllers Now Work With iPad Via DJC-WeCAi Cable

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Last updated 10 April, 2018


Pioneer DJC-WeCai
Plug in a Camera Connection Kit, an external USB power supply or battery pack, and your iPad and Pioneer DDJ-WeGo or DDJ-Ergo, and you can now use Algoriddim’s djay and vjay programs with your controller and the Pioneer DJC-WeCAi cable.

Want to use your iPad instead of your laptop to DJ with? If you own a Pioneer DDJ-WeGo or Pioneer DDJ-Ergo, now you can, thanks to the DJC-WeCAi cable, announced by Pioneer today and available as of May 2013. The cable allows you to plug in to the iPad and use Algoriddim’s djay and vjay software, “out of the box”. That also means that you can experiment with video DJing from your Pioneer controller, too.

It’s not all as straightforward as that, though. Firstly, as well as the DJC-WeCAi you’ll need the Apple Camera Connection Kit, which is a small adaptor cable that plugs in to your iPad and gives you a USB socket for the Pioneer DJC-WeCAi cable to plug in to. This is unlike the Vestax Spin2, that just plugs directly in to the iPad. Secondly, you need external power in order to power your controller; the DJC-WeCAi cable has an extra USB plug for this, that you plug into a USB power source or a battery pack.

It’s not clear from the launch material whether the power cable then charges your iPad as well as powering the Pioneer controller (we’d hope it does), and it’s also not clear whether the iPad can power your controller (until its battery runs flat) or whether an external power source is mandatory. I’d expect the power supply is necessary. We’ll bring you a review as soon as we’ve had a chance to obtain and test one, but meanwhile you can see the obligatory hero video (the useful explanation part is from 2:13).

• Learn more about the new version of djay that powers this upgrade.

Do you own a DDJ-WeGo or DDJ-Ergo? Do you like the idea of being able to use your unit with an iPad and djay/vjay? Please share your thoughts on the DJC-WeCAi in the comments.

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