Pioneer DJM-S9 Battle Mixer For Serato DJ Announced

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 5 April, 2018


Pioneer’s new DJM-S9 battle mixer for Serato DJ moves directly into Rane territory, being scratch-friendly, and having two on-board audio interfaces for side-by-side laptop DJing.

Pioneer has just announced its latest mixer, the DJM-S9, which is a two-channel Midi-enabled DVS scratch mixer designed to work out-of-the-box with Serato DJ software.

The mixer is a hybrid. On one hand it’s a basic two-channel Pioneer mixer with beat FX, per-channel filters, a good mic channel (with talkover, EQ and echo) and scratch optimisations (magnetic crossfader in lots of space, reverse buttons and curve adjust for each of the channels).

On the other hand, it’s like an updated SP-1 Midi controller, with full control over Serato’s four decks plus cues, sampler, loop rolls etc via two sets of eight full RGB performance pads. There are FX & loop controls, and library controls for each channel. There are separate volume controls for the SP-6 sampler channel, and top-panel switches for switching between the unit’s two built-in sound cards, meaning two DJs each with their own laptop can play side-by-side.

Pioneer DJM-S9
Alongside Pioneer’s own turntables (soon to be available also in black and gold), the company now has a complete DVS scratch solution for Serato. How long before it implements the same thing for Rekordbox?

The idea is that you plug this mixer in with two turntables and timecode vinyl, and with the addition of your laptop, it’s all you need to scratch DJ with Serato DJ – no external audio interface required, and no separate controller to control the many aspects of Serato that you can’t control from a standard turntable. In that way, it’s much like the mixers Rane makes for Serato, and is Pioneer’s first foray into this territory, although it did try a similar type of mixer with the DJM-T1 for Traktor a few years back.

New magnetic crossfader offers innovative features for scratch DJs

The new crossfader is a big selling point for scratch DJs.

The mixer brings innovative new crossfader technology called Magvel Fader Pro, with additional user controls to tweak the feeling and tension of the fader movement to match a scratch DJ’s style. This seems to be the thing getting the scratch guys most enthused, with DJ Qbert saying that when using the fader it feels like it “becomes part of you, you don’t even have to think about it any more”. Also three different types of rubber fader “bumpers” are supplied and can be fitted to further personalise the feel of the fader movement.

Promo video


• The DJM-S9 costs €1,899, and will be officially available late October 2015, both in black and the limited edition Gold version.

Do you like the look of this mixer? Were you expecting something else from Pioneer after the software announcement and recent teaser video? Please leave your comments below.

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