Serato DJ 1.7.2 Brings Yosemite Support, Sticker Lock & More

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 9 December, 2014

Yup, sticker lock is here… as is Yosemite support and lots of cool Midi,remote and, er, bug fixes. It’s Serato DJ 1.7.2!

Mac Yosemite users, rejoice! Serato DJ 1.7.2 now officially supports you. (Actually, I never found any issues with it anyway, using it at some recent gigs including this weekend’s, where actually, it was one of the few things I didn’t have to worry about).

Anyway, more than that, this release now supports “sticker lock” (a fiendishly clever idea that aligns cue points with a physical sticker you place on your control vinyl, to help scratch DJs do their thing even faster), Midi lighting (so you can program what the lights do on your own controller mappings), tighter control with motorised platters (like those on the NS7 and the NS7II), and support for Serato Remote 1.2, the iPad app that unlocks some of the advanced features of the software for all users, not just those who own the bigger controllers.

It’s also got bug releases, maintenance fixes and so on, and of course it’s a free for all users. Grab it here.

Do you like the look of this upgrade? Share your thoughts on it in the comments.

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