Serato ITCH 2.2.2, Serato Scratch Live 2.4.3 & Serato Video 1.1 Released

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 6 April, 2018


Serato’s newsletter announcing the upgrades today.

In a slew of announcements, Serato today revealed updates to all of its software (apart from the entry-level Serato DJ Intro program). Serato Video 1.1 is the biggest news, with a host of new power features, while Serato ITCH 2.2.2 and Serato Scratch Live 2.4.3 get incremental updates plus compatibility with the new features of Serato Video 1.1.

The announcements were made simultaneously because upgrading to the latest versions of Serato ITCH or Serato Scratch Live is necessary to use the new video upgrade. Here are the details:

Upgrade details


Serato Video 1.1

Serato Video
Serato Video can now deliver more impressive results out of the box, with auto transitions and a video-only media crate meaning one-man DJ/VJ performers can more easily keep a varied and continuous video show going as they DJ.

Packing some features that users of third-party Serato video add-on MixEmergency have already got, Serato Video 1.1 is the first upgrade since the product’s launch earlier this year.

Users now get delay compensation (to deal with sync issues between audio and video), a dedicated video view alongside the virtual decks to complement mix preview within the waveform displays, configurable auto/random transitions loaded with tracks, and a new media crate where you can keep videos that can be automatically loaded with audio-only tracks.

More info: Serato Video 1.1 download page

Serato ITCH 2.2.2 and Serato Scratch Live 2.4.3

Serato ITCH 2.2.2
An extra video screen, better file support, faster library and new two-deck mode for four-deck controllers are all added to Serato ITCH 2.2.2.

Serato ITCH 2.2.2 and Serato Scratch Live 2.4.3 get compatibility with the latest version of Serato Video (1.1), as well as Mac OS X Mountain Lion support, faster database loading for both ITCH and iTunes libraries, and – finally – support for FLAC files. Also, it’s now possible to scan ID3 tags at the crate level by dragging a crate to the button.

Additionally, in Serato ITCH 2.2.2. there’s a two-deck view mode for owners of the Xone:DX and Numark NS6 who don’t want to have four decks on the screen at all times.

More info:
Serato ITCH 2.2.2 download page
Serato Scratch Live 2.4.3 download page


Are there features here you’ve been waiting for? Are you tempted to introduce video into your performance with programs like Serato Video making it easier for DJs to so so without hiring an extra VJ to work with them? Pleased to finally see FLAC support? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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