StreamLabs Is A Free Way To DJ Livestream – Now On All Platforms

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 9 April, 2020

Have you been following this DJ livestreaming craze and wanted to have a go yourself? Once you move past just opening the app for the service you want to go live on and, well, hitting “Go Live”, one of the things you’ll be looking for is software.

Software lets you add overlays, more cameras, better audio, chat and basically take proper control of your stream.

You have almost certainly heard of OBS (also called Open Broadcaster Software, or OBS Studio), which is an open-source (ie basically free) piece of software to help you achieve this.

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But there is a version of OBS called StreamLabs, which is also free, but take out a lot of the complexity of OBS, and includes easy-to-access alerts, themes, widgets, chat, cloud recording and more, to help you do more, more easily with your streaming.

The software is free, although some of the extras are only included under a subscription. It’s now available for all platforms – that means, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.

Worth checking out – here’s a link to the Streamlabs website.

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