Tips For Controlling Dancefloor Energy [Live DJing Q&A With Phil Morse]

Last updated 18 August, 2023

In this replay of our live Q&A lesson, we discussed tips for controlling dancefloor energy, how to quick mix, the best places to learn DJing online, and more!

Here’s what’s covered…

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 5:56 Is the Numark Mixtrack Pro FX compatible with Traktor Pro software?
  • 6:56 Any tips for scratching on DJ controllers with one arm?
  • 8:56 For event DJing, when would a DJ need more than two speakers?
  • 12:58 What’s the best way to structure the energy of a DJ gig?
  • 16:51 How can I connect a Novation Circuit Tracks to VirtualDJ?
  • 19:33 When is it okay to ditch counting and timing during a mix?
  • 20:01 What do I need to make my DDJ-800 DVS ready?
  • 21:22 Any tips for listening to more music without a phone?
  • 22:52 I want to DJ wirelessly, what’s the best set-up to limit delay?
  • 23:51 How can I add a third channel to a two channel controller?
  • 24:42 Where’s the best place to meet other DJs online?
  • 26:26 What are the best cables to use while DJing?
  • 28:05 Will DJs ever get a 4-channel standalone motorised controller with 4 rotating platters?
  • 28:33 What’s the best free way to learn DJing online?
  • 30:03 What’s the best way to drop the energy during a DJ set?
  • 31:15 Is it okay to DJ exclusively with headphones?
  • 32:25 Is there any latency with monitors plugged into DJ gear?
  • 33:37 What’s the best budget loudspeaker for mobile DJ parties?
  • 35:08 What’s your favourite piece of DJ hardware?
  • 38:47 Can I use my Engine playlists inside Rekordbox DJ to play on CDJs?
  • 39:47 How can I get music into Rekordbox with a hard-drive connected?
  • 41:23 What’s the best technique to mix out of a track quickly?
  • 43:39 Can we get one more Balcony Beats livestream this summer?
  • 44:34 Why isn’t my DJ software recognising my DJ controller?
  • 46:18 How can I connect my phone or tablet running djay Pro to my turntables and mixer?
  • 48:49 What do you think about the Lexicon DJ music library software?
  • 49:59 How can I use a sampler as a third deck?
  • 50:59 Where can I take an online DJ course?
  • 54:25 Is Mixed In Key better than my DJ software’s built-in key detection?
  • 56:40 Should DJs keeps things simple or complicated?
  • 57:11 What Technics turntables should I go for?
  • 58:20 What DJ controller should I get as a backup?
  • 59:08 Is Phase DJ worth buying?
  • 59:34 Can I adjust the latency in Rekordbox?

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