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Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 5 April, 2018

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Facebook can be a great place to build your DJ profile or that of your DJ business, but what exactly should you be posting? That’s what we look at today.

You’re living in the 21st century, so you know you need to be using Facebook to promote your DJing and help you get more gigs, right? Thing is, it’s all well and good knowing you have to use it, but what exactly are you meant to be posting? You don’t want to spam people, but you want results, and you want your profile to grow.

That’s why we thought we’d let you into the DJ version of a tried and tested social media posting rule, that basically works across any brand, company or famous person (or you, as an up and coming DJ) who wants to post stuff on their Facebook Page that attracts an audience and achieves a commercial goal too..

The rule of thirds

So what this says is that you need three types of post on your Facebook Page (there’s your first lesson – don’t use a Facebook personal profile for your DJing, always start a Page separate from your personal profile). They are designed to help you promote, share and engage with your audience. Let’s look at them one by one.

DJ rule of thirds
The DJ Rule of Thirds helps you post the right stuff on your Facebook Page, and indeed anywhere else you have a social media presence.

1. Promote

This is the stuff you might expect to see. You’re basically promoting yourself here: it’s links to your mixes, details of gigs, the flyer for your next show, a link to a recording of your podcast, and so on. It’s essential stuff… but it’s all about you. All about you, all the time isn’t good. That’s why you also need to…

2. Share

You find all kinds of interesting stuff around the web, right? Articles, mixes, tracks you love, info on upcoming festivals, interviews with DJs you like, events in your area you’ll be going to. You’re showing that it isn’t “all about you”, and increasing your views, because people will start to trust you to bring them “good stuff”.

3. Engage

Answering people’s questions, asking your own (not enough people do this), thanking people, liking their stuff, speaking directly to fans, posting the odd personal picture that gives a bit of you away… this all proves you’re sociable, and human, and basically not weird. It’s an essential part of the “mix”.

Facebook Page
First rule:” Go for a Facebook Page, not a personal profile. Second rule: Stick to the above rules! It forms the basis of the way we run our own Facebook page, which doesn’t do too badly…

If you look at any successful Facebook Page such as ours (with over 400,000 followers, we’re doing OK…) you’ll see they do it like we do: a mix of “our stuff”, “other people’s stuff”, and “us being approachable / normal / chatty” – the rule of thirds, in other words.

Add something once a day, stick to these rules, and you won’t go far wrong. So if you’ve ever been stuck as to what you should be posting on your DJ Facebook Page, now you know!


Of course, getting gigs, earning money, promoting yourself and ultimately achieving your DJing goals is about more than just the right mix of social media posts. If only it were that simple! (Then again, if it were, everyone would be doing it.)

That’s why the “Business of DJing” training inside our Digital DJ Lab programme goes into a lot more depth on all aspects of promoting yourself. To register your interest and find out more about joining the programme, click here.

How do you manage what you post on your Facebook Page? Got any questions about using social media to promote yourself as a DJ? Feel free to ask away below…

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