Where To Upload DJ Mixes [Live DJing Q&A With Phil Morse]

Last updated 15 August, 2023

In this replay of our live Q&A lesson, we discussed microphones, livestreaming, where to upload DJ mixes, and more!

Here’s what’s covered…

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 9:22 What online DJ course can help me learn how to mix techno music?
  • 13:19 Is there another DJ software with similar functions to Traktor’s Remix Decks?
  • 14:02 The video keeps dropping when livestreaming my DJ sets – what’s the fix?
  • 19:11 In Serato DJ, can you assign the Stems function to Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ pads?
  • 22:17 I’m having issues recording voiceovers with a condenser mic using my DJ gear, any idea how to get this working?
  • 26:13 Will you make DJ training on how to use Stems?
  • 28:44 Where can DJs upload their mixes?
  • 30:02 How often should DJs use the EQs and FX while mixing?
  • 35:09 What DMX lighting controller would you recommend for DJs?
  • 39:25 What tips do you have for DJing with dubstep music?
  • 43:56 How can I livestream my DJ sets in stereo?
  • 47:18 What computer do you need to run Serato Stems?
  • 50:09 What entry-level DJ controller and speakers would you recommend?
  • 53:39 The waveforms started lagging on my DJ gear right before the music dropped – what’s the issue?
  • 55:10 Can you run DJ software on Chromebook?
  • 57:14 How to find the actual BPM for an acapella?
  • 1:01:43 What’s the shelf life on Pioneer DJ gear? Would you buy a CDJ-400 right now for bedroom use?

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