Roundup & Video: 3 DJ Headphones Bags & Cases

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 18 August, 2017

The Deloop bag from Orbit Concepts moves way past just a headphones bag, potentially becoming an all-in-one carry case, at least for certain types of DJ.

Of course, despite some debate about whether DJs even need headphones any more, for 99% of us, they’re right up there with a pair of ears as total essentials for every DJ set or gig we play. No surprise, then, that we obsess over our choice of headphones, and often spend a considerable amount of money on them. So why are there no decent bags to carry them in?

Sure, some high-end headphones do come with storage cases, but the vast majority of DJ headphones – even pro ones – come with nothing more than a flimsy drawstring bag, designed to tick a box rather than to offer any serious protection to an expensive and vulnerable piece of kit.

As we increasingly like to wear our headphones in public away from the DJ booth too, and as – of course – for some DJs in this USB-enabled age, a pair of headphones and a couple of memory sticks is about all they even take to gigs any more, clearly there’s a gap in the market for some innovative headphone cases that do more than just keep the dust off your cans.

The three manufacturers whose goodies we feature today certainly think so, because all of them have their own takes on what they hope will appeal to DJs wanting somewhere to put their beloved headphones to keep them safe, dry and in one piece to and from gigs. So scroll to the end to watch a video of all three bags, meanwhile let’s take a closer look:

3 Headphones Bags & Cases

UDG Creator Headphone Case Large Black

They say: The smart solution for the professional DJ that knows they need to protect their headphones. The case has been tastefully designed with a D-shape profile to complement the folded form of the DJ headphones. Constructed from durashock EVA material with a laminated nylon exterior, the case provides protection against drops, scratches and liquids.

UDG’s Creator headphone case is the simplest of the three designs, and also offers the most protection.

We say: The most “purist” of the headphone cases here, offering the best level of protection out of the three, due to its semi-rigid casing. Has a comfortable carrying handle but no shoulder strap. A concession to modernity is the small, zip-up USB pouch inside. Big enough for the biggest of DJ headphones, and reasonably priced.

Price: €25
Buy from: UDG website

Namba Samba Personal Stash Bag

They say: The Samba Personal Stash Bag was created in response to the requests of many DJs and musicians who are fed up stuffing their pants pockets or trying to keep track of all the small everyday items that we need to carry with us on a day to day basis. Can be used to carry CDs, memory stick, iLok, wallet, keys, handheld digital recorder, camera, iPod, in-ear monitors, phone, pen, notepad, business cards…

Namba’s Samba personal stash bag is perfect for headphones and the rest of your day-to-day paraphernalia.

We say: We didn’t “get” this bag at first. It’s cool (in a modern “man bag” kind of way), but even when closed it’s possible for small things to fall out of the main compartment. But once we started using the main compartment for headphones (too big to fall out by far), we loved it! There’s still an internal zipped compartment, a zipped compartment on the front under the flap, and a Velcro’ed compartment at the back for the rest of your stuff, and the shoulder strap makes it a good all-rounder, although it doesn’t protect as much as the UDG bag.

Price: $35
Buy from: Namba website

Orbit Concepts Deloop Sport

They say: Premium headphones hardly ever include a premium bag. Limited protection, function, and zero versatility. Deloop is a brand new concept for all premium headphone lovers, the very first of its kind. It can carry your headphones, while also carrying your mobile devices, digital media, and personal essentials.

The Orbit Concepts Deloop bag is 100% designed for headphones, but has lots of room for other items too and an element of designed luxury about it.

We say: Stylish, not least because it has four little feet and stands up on its own. The wide nylon strap (detachable) and hand carrying handle give you a choice of ways to move with it, and the clever “thinner at the top” design makes it more compact that the UDG case while still fitting big headphones (it’s not as protective, though). Waterproof zip and faux fur interior plus lots of compartments make it versatile and luxurious. Available in other sizes and versions too. Pricy though!

Price: $69
Buy from: Orbit Concepts website


Your decision is going to be swayed by whether you’re carrying your headphones as well as a load of other gear, or whether your “headphone” case becomes the only bag you take to your gigs (eg you are a “USB DJ”).

If you’re going to attempt to make this your only bag, clearly the Namba and Deloop bags are your choices (unless you’re totally minimalist!). The Namba can double up as an all-purpose bag if you want to use it for other things too, but the Deloop bag is definitely a hardcore DJ-only product. If you are happy carrying your other bits and pieces separately and/or have extra DJ gear to carry too, UDG may be best – and it offers the best protection of all.

Whatever you decide, I think we can all agree that expensive headphones need more that shoving in a slip bag and jamming into the top of an over-packed backpack, or worse. So if you have invested a lot in pro cans, do yourself a favour and think about how you’re going to look after them, before you snap them anb end up making another expensive purchase…

Video Talkthrough

Do you have any headphone nightmare stories of damage and destruction in transit? Do you own any of these bags, and what are your views on your purchase? Which would you go for, and why? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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