Emulator Multitouch Arrives For Christmas

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 1 December, 2017


Emulator Multi-touch DJ interface
The head-turning Emulator: Coming to a disco near you soon?

Just in time for Christmas, the already iconic Emulator DJ Multi-Touch Interface is launched today. Initially available for Traktor Pro, future versions will play nicely with Virtual DJ, Ableton and Serato. Emulator currently runs on Windows 7, but Mac OS software is scheduled for release in 2011.

The system caused a buzz when a user released an Emulator video on You Tube, not least because of the high-resolution, transparent multi-touch screen used. The company selling the software – Smithson Martin Inc – is also apparently selling the screens.

Four packages are available with different sized multi-touch transparent screens; 32″ and 42″ screens are available on request. Don’t expect them to come cheap, though (there were no signs of prices on the webasite when we checked a few minutes ago).

Emulator software
You can download the software now. A 42in transparent multi-touch touchscreen may be a bit harder to find in your region, though….

However, the software itself – which sits between Traktor and you, the user – comes in at a reasonable $75 for a “lifetime licence”.

“It is an instant magnet for attention,” says Alan Smithson, co-founder and CEO of Smithson Martin Inc.

“At our launch party, everyone wanted to touch and play with it, there were people 3 deep trying to take photos of it.”

Do you thing this is the dog’s bollocks? Or is DJing all about hunching over a small black box or two riding those faders? We’d like to know your thoughts.

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