Getting Started With Serato Studio – Free Tips & Tutorials

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 8 April, 2020

Serato Studio is a piece of beat maker software from Serato, designed especially for DJs. It has a relatively flat learning curve, and is full of features that mean you’ll be making beats quickly with it. So if you’re looking for Serato Studio tips, read on!

It feels great to be able to play re-edits, remixes, mashups and bootlegs and even full tracks you’ve made yourself in your DJ sets. With Serato Studio, the idea is that you can go from “idea” to “finished” quicker than with any other software, even if you’re not really someone who thinks of themselves as “musical” or a “beat maker”.

If you’re a Serato DJ Pro user, it’s even better because your full Serato library is right there for inspiration. But the software works fine for anyone – owning Serato DJ Pro is not necessary to use it.

How to get it

While the software costs $9.99 a month or $199 to purchase outright, one of the best Serato Studio tips we can give you is this: There is now a free version that has many of the features of the full version. Also, Serato regularly runs offers so you can try the full version of this beat maker software without subscribing or buying – we link to their site at the end so you can check what’s available.

We’ve been inspired by Serato Studio recently, and have made these free tutorials to help you understand what it can do, and to give you some projects you can have a go at yourself immediately. Read on, pick your flavour, and see what you can come up with!

Learn Serato Studio tutorials

1. Making DJ intro edits with Serato Studio

Serato Studio is a great tool for making DJ intro edits of songs you’ve got in your library. One of the most useful edits to make is called the “intro edit”, which makes songs easier to beatmix.

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2. Making DJ short edits with Serato Studio

The DJ short edit is a way to play just the best or most impactful parts of the tracks you are playing. Short edits are great because not only do they suit fast mixing styles, but also when a song is getting old, they let you play just enough of it for your audience to dance to, without them getting bored.

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3. Making DJ re-drums in Serato Studio
A re-drum edit takes a track and adds a drum track on top of it to give the song increased energy or take the track in a new direction. Moving past the previous two examples, re-drum edits are the easiest type of edit that allows you to add your own new musical elements to your work.

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I hope you find some inspiration in these Serato Studio tips and tutorials, and that something here gives you the push you need to have a go at this, especially if you’ve never tried to do anything like this before and fancy yourself as a beat maker.

There is no other way we know of for simple beat-making and re-editing that’s easier to get going with. Have fun, and let us know how you get on!

• Learn more about Serato Studio over on the Serato website.

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