How To Set Up HID Mode With CDJs & Rekordbox DJ

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Last updated 3 July, 2019


Rekordbox DJ transformed Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox preparation software into a fully featured DJ performance app that includes add-ons for video, DVS and even lighting. HID mode is also available, allowing you to connect a club standard CDJ/DJM set-up to your laptop, essentially turning it into a controller. After connecting the CDJs to your computer via HID, the laptop can then be set aside because almost everything you need to control Rekordbox DJ will be on the hardware in front of you.

How To Set-up HID

Rekordbox DJ uses the same steps to step up to HID mode as the other major DVS software such as Serato DJ Pro and Traktor Pro 3:

  1. Start your digital DJing software
  2. Connect a USB cable from each CDJ to your computer (USB hub may be needed)
  3. Hit “Link” on the CDJ
  4. Rotate encoder until you are asked to link to computer
  5. Press encoder to enter HID mode
  6. Select which deck you would like to control
  7. Repeat process for other CDJs / decks


HID has always been the bridge between DJing with computer software and feeling like you are playing without a computer at all. HID mode with Rekordbox DJ can be the path from entry level controller to big room club, especially for DJs who are looking to make the jump to a club standard set-up.

Do you spin with HID mode when using CDJs or other media players? Or do you prefer to use controllers instead? Let us know your thoughts below.

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