“Phase” Is A Wireless System That Replaces Timecode Vinyl In A DVS

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Mixware NAMM 2018 Phase Pro
Last updated 23 March, 2018


MWM, creators of the Mixfader Bluetooth crossfader, just announced Phase, a wireless system that replaces timecode vinyl in a DVS set-up here at NAMM 2018. It lets you spin and scratch on a turntable just like a normal DVS, without the need for timecode media. Phase is made up of two parts: a transmitter and a receiver. You place the transmitter on the spindle of your turntable, and you connect the receiver to the inputs of your DVS interface or DVS-enabled mixer. The transmitter detects vinyl platter movements and turns them into data that’s sent to the receiver, which converts it into timecode signals that are then fed into the inputs of your DVS interface or mixer. Phase works with any DVS including Traktor Pro 2, Serato DJ and Rekordbox DJ.

Turntables are fussy things. If Phase works as promised, using it means that you don’t need to take along special timecode records any more, plus your performance isn’t marred by faulty tonearms, cartridges or needles – heck, you can even do away with using needles and cartridges altogether. This also means that you can spin with a greater variety of turntables ranging from standard DJ turntables, portable turntables like the Numark PT01 Scratch, or even ageing consumer decks that may or may not have audio jacks (gramophone scratch session, anyone?).

Check the promo video and photo gallery below.

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• Phase will be available from summer 2018. Check the Phase site for more details.

What are your thoughts on this timecode replacement? Keen on using it, or do you prefer using your current set-up? Let us know below.

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