Your Questions: Cheapest Way To Get Started In DJing?

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Getting started in DJing your questions
Last updated 3 August, 2017


Want to know the cheapest ways to get into digital DJing? Our reader this week wants the answer to just that question, and we’ve got a specially recorded video answer.

Digital DJ Tips member Kristopher says: “I am renewing my wedding vows abroad in a year’s time and have decided I want to do a DJ set in the evening. I will never be doing this for a living but wouldn’t mind the odd house party for friends etc.

I’m a complete beginner and have used Virtual DJ Home edition on my Mac but not to any real extent. I would like to learn and get set up without spending an absolute fortune. Want to play a mixture of 80s pop and some vocal house mixes.”

Digital DJ Tips says:

The very cheapest way is to buy a DJ splitter cable (to get you a headphones output) and continue using Virtual DJ Home. If you’d like a controller, the Gemini Slate 2 for Serato DJ Intro is $199, the Mixtrack Pro 2 around $225 (same), the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 $299 (comes with Serato DJ Intro, Virtual DJ 8 free version, and works with djay on iOS too), and the Traktor Kontrol S2 is $399 (the latter is the cheapest way to get started with Traktor, and unlike the others, comes with the full version of the software so no need for a paid upgrade down the line).

Anyway, it’s all explained further in the quick video we made for you below. Hope it helps!

Our video answer

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Got any questions about getting started in DJing, or any of the solutions outlined above? Feel free to ask in the comments.

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