Denon DJ MC3000 Controller Price Slashed

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 16 November, 2017


Denon MC3000
The Denon MC3000 is a small, portable, rugged DJ controller that will stand up to pro use – and now it’s had a substantial price slash.

Denon DJ has slashed the price of its MC3000 DJ controller. The Traktor-optimised two-channel, four-deck unit is now available for US$399 / £329 / €399.

A pro-grade controller, it has particularly found favour with working DJs who appreciate something small, rugged and flexible. Unlike the Denon DN-MC6000, it was designed with Traktor 2 in mind, meaning it has better layout and mapping out-of-the-box for sample decks.

In Europe, the controller also comes with MixVibes CrossDJ LE 2.0 software in addition to Traktor 2 (both are LE editions).

Buy with either package upgradable to full-strength for well under US$100, buyer would have the chance of testing the pair of them before deciding which one to go for. (It’s always worth upgrading LE software, folks!)

The offer is “only while stocks last”, and units are available from Amazon (US), Amazon (UK) and Thomann (Europe).

Have you been thinking about buying this controller? Is this price cut enough to sway you? Share your thoughts in the comments…

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