From The Forum: What’s The Difference Between Original & Radio Mixes?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 5 April, 2018

Different versions
Lots of different mixes of a typical club tune, including original, radio and acappella… but what’s the difference between them all, and who uses them?

Reader Jake Robinson writes: “Looking through all the different websites and stores where you can buy digital music, I notice there are a lot of songs that have an ‘Original Mix’, but there is also a ‘Radio Edit’, which, from what I understand is just a shortened, typically edited version of the original song. Is there more to it than that? Is there any reason I should buy one instead of the other, maybe for legal reasons, or is it purely up to me and which song I want to DJ with?”

Our forum readers say:

“There are also extended mixes as well. It’s all personal preference, but keep in mind a Radio Edit is already cut down and probably won’t have much of an intro or outro for you to mix in or out another song…” (VinnyBlanc)

“Biggest thing is radio mixes will always be heavily censored for language, to the point it is sometimes almost a different song (best example still is BEP’s ‘Let’s Get Retarded’ becoming ‘Let’s Get It Started’). Unless you are playing to minors, or are working in an environment that demands censorship, I would recommend avoiding the radio cuts.” (Todd Oddity)

“Radio edits can allow you to keep things moving on the dancefloor for punters with small attention spans but you have to adjust your mixing style.” (Steelo)

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• This discussion originally happened over on the digital DJ Tips Forum

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