Over To You: Locked Out Of Facebook For Using My DJ Name!

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 30 August, 2017

Our reader has been locked out of Facebook for using an account in his DJ name. Can you help?

Digital DJ Tips member Jerry London writes: “I use my DJ name on Facebook for all things related to my DJing, and a separate personal account for all my day to day stuff. Yesterday I logged in and was told I had to provide government ID (drivers licence etc) to prove my name was legitimate. I have explained to Facebook my situation and sent them business cards etc but they continue to keep me locked out of my DJ page. This is an extremely worrying trend for DJs and entertainers in general, as it forces us to give up our brand on Facebook. Any ideas?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

We feel your pain, Jerry. The fact is though that most “brands” (be they DJs, or multinational companies) use a Facebook page for that, so you would have a “Jerry London” Facebook page. That page can be controlled by anyone (in this case, you operating your personal account) but you can keep that bit of it all private.

It effectively gives you more or less the same thing, but doesn’t help you when you’re already committed to doing it the way you describe. As I have no experience personally of dealing with a situation like this, I’ll throw this one over to the readers.

So, anyone got any experience of this? How did you deal with Facebook and resolve it? Or did you establish a brand page using Facebook Pages and do it that way instead? Please let us know your experiences or advice in the comments.

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