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    Might be a right issue. Make sure that your tracks and Serato database are in a folder where you have full access. If they are not, and the info can’t be written to the database, you get exactly this problem.

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    Thanks for the great introduction, DJD Latina. Keep on spinning!

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    The Beatpad is really designed for tablet use (so primarily DJay/DJay Pro), where the Mixon is a hybrid for both PC/Laptop DJ software AND tablet use.

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    Setting cue points depends, imho, on a few things:

    a) correct beatgridding, if the grid is off/inconsistent, getting correct cues is probably not feasible automatically
    b) clear track structure, same thing

    At the end of the day, if you follow the advice given at the blog and here at the forums, which include keeping (core) collections small -between 500-1000 tracks or so- and adding only 5-10 tracks max. a month (and tossing out an equal number!), it is fully feasible to do the labor manually. Especially since you need to be INTIMATELY familiar with your core collection. As such the process of correctly prepping your track will help getting that deep knowledge.

    Also, depending on your style of DJ-ing, I know few DJs that use all 8 cue points on every track they own. And since in this case less IS more (who needs cue point lighting up your performance pads that you don’t use), I’d rather manually set the cue point I really want and will use than having some software doing it wrong for all my tracks and having to correct and delete track by track.

    Just my final 3 cents as usual.

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    Quality-wise the Denon is built like a tank. It packs a lot of features in a 19″ form factor. The drawback to that is that some people feel it’s a bit cramped. I personally never had the problem with the mk1 and the current mk2 has been restyled to feel better ergonomically.

    If you are a mobile DJ and intend to take your controller on the road too, I’d say in it’s price range it will be hard to beat the Denon.

    I know that with the mk1 Denon actually supplied a license of VDJ (in the US, Europe was Traktor), so I am gonna guess the mk2 will work with VDJ without any problems.

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    I stand corrected. Boo-lee is right. The Club kit consists of a full Serato license and a Serato DVS Expansion Pack license. So yes, if you own the full Serato license, you can use the CDJs in HID or Midi mode.

    My bad.

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    I know Terry is our in-house TM8 specialist. I know he has ridden his hard and often in all kinds of gigs and at home. As far as I know without a hitch. I know him and he has big hands and he is a strong fellow, so I know the jogs can take that kind of “abuse”.

    Sounds like you have a unit that gave up, but I am not sure that’s indicative of overall Reloop quality. I’ll leave more comments on this over to Terry.

    As for the 7000 and 8000. Totally different “animals”. The 7000 is more traditional and features a dual sound card for back to back DJ-ing (like the SZ). It is a standalone mixer but clearly made for Serato use. Build quality as you might expect from Denon.
    The 8000 obviously (much) more expensive, about 50% more. Single soundcard, but it’s double USB ports add some hand-over options. Two screens and a bit of intelligence in the box. FX – if only three – can be used on channels 1/2 even with analogue standalone inputs. There are some odd things for some users, you can read about it on their new and improved forums. I suggest you sign up to them as well. The main drawback currently for standalone USB use, is the fact that Engine 1.5 is not the best software around. We are all anxiously waiting for the new release of the newly developed Engine Prime that will have a save in 8000 format option, not unlike Pioneer RekordBox has for it’s XDJ-RX.
    This is expected to come with a new firmware version to make all things work smooth as intended. As Denon doesn’t report intended release dates, it’s a wait til they announce it’s ready. They are aware of the installed base, so hard at work. Hopefully very soon.

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    You’d need the club kit add-on from Serato

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    Good question. While they do attend the forums occasionally, if you want to suggest this/get an answer straight from the horses mouth, send a message to">

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    Yep, MC7000 would be on the shortlist. If you can forgo the standalone option there are lots of options. I know Terry_42 had lots of success using his Reloop Terminal Mix 8 before switching to the MXC8000.

    The MC6000 is great for mobile DJ-ing, but if you want to do lots of stuff, the layout and jogs can be a bit tight due to the 19″ form factor limitation. It IS still one of the best compact mobile DJ controllers imho. And it really is 4+2 channels as the mic channels are fully separate.

    It also has split cue which for me is a must if you ever need to mix in our headphones.

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    I can truly only give you one advice: Yamaha AG03. It will give you all the mic control you need, plus recording, loopback, FX, compression, EQ options way beyond your typically small mixer. And it will work great as your desktop PC external USB sound card.

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    Hi Jeff, welcome to the forums. Thanks for the introduction. Hope you enjoy your time here!

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    I am a bit rusty, but the HD6’s are not high-impedance (which typically is in the 300-600 Ohm range), but indeed a bit higher than some typical DJ cans. My HD 25-1 IIs are 70 Ohm or so. And those go plenty loud (can’t push them past the halfway mark usually). My controller (MCX8000) has a 150mW power output. So that would be 2.8Vrms if I am correct.

    The HD6 has a 112dB/1Vrms sensitivity, so I’d say more than 120dB at full power. I would think plenty loud enough (if it isn’t you have another problem, namely not destroying your ears!).

    Should you still decide you need amplification, there are plenty of portable solutions, think some in-line ones even (which are generally unpractical as they make your headphone connection stick out even further.

    Pretty much for high-volume DJ use the quality is really not an issue. I’d even look for something used. Should only be a couple of bucks.

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    Sorry, we don’t in any way support illegal music or software. As such we can’t be of any help.

    Should you have bought the original software, supporting the manufacturer, you would have access to their help-desk and forum facilities.

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    I have the SX2 and it’s a solid controller. Personally I am not convinced it’s the best option for mobile DJ’s. The main reason being the integration of mic inputs on regular channels. So for me going back to Denon by getting the MCX8000 was the best path.

    That said, I guess the major workflow differences would be giving up the motorized platters and the screens.
    Again personally I have never cared for motorized platters. In my opinion it is only mimicking something that once was -turntables- and that is fine if you never got over losing that feeling. Purely functionally speaking I don’t think there is anything you can’t do with static platters that you can do with motorized ones.
    You did buy the NS7, so motorized platters could be a big deal to you, in which case the swap is a bad one.
    Same can be said for the screens. I love the ones on my MCX8000 as I could easily move the laptop to the side of my setup and still have all relevant info in front of me. This too could be a big factor for you.

    There are a few things the SX2 has that are missing on the NS7. If you are a big sample user, the separate sampler volume fader might be something. Slip support, DVS support … well you can find the features for both, put them in a list and just prioritize them.

    I can’t really advice one over the other, just give you these thoughts.

    Good luck with your decision.

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