5 Best DJ Mixers For 2021 – Ranked & Rated

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 21 November, 2021


A DJ mixer was traditionally at the centre of every DJ set-up. While DJ controllers and standalone all-in-one systems now dominate the hobby market, many DJs – from DVS users to practically the whole pro DJ world – still very much use DJ mixers.

Nowadays, mixers can work with digital-friendly media players, resulting in a kind of hybrid “software controller plus hardware mixer” model – DVS without the timecode, if you like.

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Mixers offer DJs a versatility not found in even the very best DJ controllers, and aren’t going anywhere. So if you feel your dream DJ set-up needs a mixer at the heart of it, you won’t go wrong with any of these in 2021.

5 Best DJ Mixers 2021

1. Pioneer DJ DJM-S11

The DJM-S9 mixer for scratch DJs who use Serato was such a hit that it in many ways pushed the art of scratch performing forward – but it is five years old, and this year Pioneer DJ replaced it with the DJM-S11.

The DJM-S11 has a touchscreen to show your Serato settings and allow you to control X/Y FX, but also to give you control over decks 3 and 4 of the software.

The layout has been tidied up too, among many other features – a worthy successor (works with Rekordbox DJ, too).

Price: US$1,999
More info: Pioneer DJ DJM-S11 review | See it on Amazon

2. Denon DJ X1850 Prime

The Denon DJ X1850 Prime is the companion mixer to the company’s SC6000 Prime media players, and it’s a robust four-channel mixer that’s got onboard FX, a 24-bit/96kHz sound card, and the ability to sync with the SC6000 Prime players for tightly locked tempo- based effects.

It’s a solid offering by Denon DJ, that’s likely to be your first choice if you’re going down the Denon rather than the Pioneer DJ route with your pro DJ separates.

Price: US$1,099
More info: Denon DJ X1850 Prime review | See it on Amazon

3. Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2


The flagship replacement for the DJM-900NXS, the DJM-900NXS2 was evolution rather than revolution upon its release a couple of years back.

That said, some of the changes were pretty big: twin USBs, much improved FX, and the frankly awesome USB FX send/returns are the technological improvements that most jump out.

As part of a bigger set-up with a pair of CDJ-3000 players, this mixer clearly represents the ultimate Rekordbox DJ system – but one that does come at a considerable price premium.

Price: US$2,199
More info: DJM-900NXS2 mixer review | See it on Amazon

4. Rane Seventy-Two MkII

Rane’s latest battle mixer has a high-resolution screen onboard for viewing Serato DJ’s waveforms, performance pads, fader contour controls, and knobs and buttons for Serato’s FX.

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It makes for an impressive set-up when flanked by a pair of Rane Twelve Mark II deck controllers, but it can be used with turntables and other media players too. One for digital battle DJs who want nothing but the best, although the Pioneer DJ DJM-S11 gives it a run for its money.

Price: US$1,899
More info: Rane Seventy-Two MkII review | See it on Amazon

5. Numark Scratch

The Numark Scratch mixer has a built-in audio interface, and is licensed to work with Serato as a DVS mixer – although it works fine as a standalone mixer, too.

Sure it makes compromises, but none of them are dealbreakers, and it opens scratching with Serato up to a whole new sector of the market, as it’s by far the cheapest mixer in this line-up.

It’s simple, nicely done, and loads of fun, and the quality is there where it counts.

Price: US$499
More info: Numark Scratch review | See it on Amazon

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