Your Questions: How Can I Record With Traktor LE or Serato Intro?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 26 November, 2017

Serato Intro works great with the Mixtrack Pro... until you want to record your sets, that is. Pic from: Numark Video
Serato Intro works great with the Mixtrack Pro… until you want to record your sets, that is. Pic from: Numark Video

Digital DJ Tips reader Ashwim writes: “I was wondering how to record my mixes. At the moment I have a Numark Mixtrack Pro running off either Traktor LE 2 or Serato Intro (whichever I feel like at the time I play). Do I need to upgrade anything to record?

“And also, do you think that I should in your opinion maybe change my Mixtrack Pro to something like the Numark N4 or the Traktor Kontrol S2?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

Unfortunately, You can’t record with either piece of software. If you upgraded to Traktor Pro you could, but disabling the ability to record your sets is one of the usual things companies do with software that comes “free” with controllers – which is a shame, because recording your sets is really important. So to do this, the best way is to get a stereo splitter cable to split the master output into two outputs, then plug one of those into your speakers as usual, and the other into anything that can record for you.

That could be an MP3 player with a record function, a smartphone with a recording app, or even another computer, If you use another computer, you can use something like Audacity (free DAW software) to record your set.

Do I need to upgrade?
Regarding upgrading, maybe if you want more powerful software upgrade to Traktor Pro 2, but I’d say at this stage don’t worry about changing your gear. The Mixtrack Pro is fine for learning with and playing gigs on as you improve. There’s no need to upgrade.

Instead, get a couple of years of solid learning under your belt – including as many DJ sets in public as you can! Remember, you can learn on anything. Don’t let anyone hoodwink you into thinking that gear will make you a better DJ – it won’t. Playing music regularly in public, on the other hand, will. And you can do that on pretty much anything.

Do you have software that stops you being able to record your sets? How do you get around it? Any advice you can add to mine would be much appreciated.

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